Edhya's Commitment: Nature, Innovation, and Equine Well-being

Since its establishment in 1991, Edhya has built a reputation as a specialist in equine dietary supplements. Its philosophy rests on three essential pillars: naturalness, innovation, and the well-being of horses.

Innovative and Natural Products for the Benefit of Horses

Edhya creates and develops its own products, putting nature at the service of the health and well-being of horses. The company relies on the synergy of plants, algae, and specific oils to enhance the action of active molecules, while ensuring biodiversity in its dietary supplements.

Innovation in Our DNA

Innovation is at the heart of Edhya's approach. Each product is the result of thorough research, aimed at providing specific and innovative solutions. The control of doping risk is also integrated into the development process, thus ensuring safe and effective solutions.

With a complete range of products, the company promotes the horse's metabolism, thereby optimizing its resistance to effort, recovery, and vitality.

Edhya is not only a supplier of equine dietary supplements, but a dedicated partner to the cause of equine well-being, embodying a synergy between nature, science, and the commitment to the best possible health for our equine companions.

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