Edhya, Nature inspired

Water, Dietetic and Food Hygiene are key words or us (EDHYA stands for Eau, Diététique and Hygiène Alimentaire).

Since 1991, EDHYA has specialised in equine dietetics, developing a range of specific, innovative natural products, considering the control of doping risks.

EDHYA creates and produces natural equine products through innovation and laboratory research. We are particularly selective in our choice of raw materials and partners. Offering the best of Equine dietetics is our main goal.

EDHYA products guarantee comfort for your horses’ daily life, optimise their wellbeing and allow them to reach their full potential with excellent performance.

For over 25 years, we have been specialists in Digestion, but also other areas such as Joints, Breathing function, Muscular function, Drainage and the Nervous System.

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